814 Windows in PA

Hey everyone, I’m Donavan, owner of 814 Window Washing based in central PA. A bit of background about myself:
I’m in my mid 20’s and have worked in water treatment for the past 7 years. I’ve always wanted to start a business of my own since I was a kid. I thought about lawn mowing, or creative selling on etsy, but nothing ever really panned out or I just didn’t have the dedication to whatever project I was trying.

I got fired from my water operator job in July of 2020. The board didn’t wanna pay me overtime, and tried to make me an exempt employee, which I met none of the criteria for, and I filed a lawsuit against them that I got fired for.

During my time between jobs I perused reddit. I saw a post that asked " What are well paying jobs people without degrees can do?" And answers like garbage men or plumbers were on there, but one caught my eye, window washer. I did some research and saw there weren’t any real companies around my area for about 30 sq. miles. I sat on this information until about December of 2020, before filing my LLC and officially starting the business.

I currently have 20 residential and 4 businesses, 2 of them store fronts. I’m about to expand to waterfed pole after doing traditional this spring, and want to purchase a van next year. If expansion continues at the rate it’s going I should be able to easily afford it.

Thanks to everyone that I’ve read in the various topics for all sorts of great information to help me get started!

Sounds like your off to a good start. Congratulations, on deciding to become an entrepreneur, your young full of energy an motivated. Put the blinders on , learn , and clean anything insight. look at everything as a learning experience.
If you work hard , and smart you’ll look back one day an say I made the right decision.
Get yourself a website , get ranked , letter up your vehicle , get some company shirts a CRM , and watch your business grow.
I wish I started when I was in my 20s, but no regrets here. This is the best thing that I ever did. Don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for this business. Good luck man ! You got this !

I made sure I had the website ready to go at launch, google ads directing to my site is my main source of calls.
I got shirts ASAP to look more professional and of course bought insurance.
I figured if I’m gonna be serious about it I’d better look serious doing it.