88ft wfp

Over the weekend I did a 2 day job for a client ( Mick G-clean) at Sheffield UK

What a challengley hard and high job. and Cherry pickers, rope access etc banned so that only left the new light carbon fibre poles. I brought with me a redesigned Ultralite pole, courtesey of Alan at Hamilton

Mick paid hard cash for my services, but with a verified, witnessed building height of 83ft 2" and as a one man un-assisted record, I successfully used an a www.emporiumpoles.co.uk wfp of 88’ 2" -weight to follow.
I wish Mick well and hope he benefits from the techniques he paid hard cash for.

Wow! that’s a sweet job! I would hate to use a pole that long! How much does a 88ft pole weigh?

Wow thats awesome!

Base Pole only 7 sections 38ft 1373gm 3Lb 4 oz
Each extension section 5ft 5" 305gm 10.75oz x 9

so thats err… ummm … errr 4.12kg/9.3Lb - I think !

Did you do a ccu with a wfp? aren’t you supposed to have a safety rope attached to pole and a man on roof?

The pic shows guys on a lift do they ban them at a certain height?

Longest pole I have seen

That would pull the sections apart. Besides that, the pole would break if it fell on anything horizontally.
4 kg is nothing.
Well done Jeff.

Thats unbelievable how light that is…makes my 24 foot ettore seem like a ton of bricks in comparison!

Thats exactly why us fishing pole freaks have gone the way we have!
When Jeff first showed me the fishing pole at a trade show in the car park, then I went inside & tried the lightest one on the market (at the time), it was no contest. Since then the manufacturers have followed Jeffs lead & are making them for window cleaners.
I reckon Jeff had hour breaks though?


I am seriously impressed. Crazy height. How did the quality of workmanship turn out?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being perfect and 1 being brutal?

If they ban lifts and rope access I am surprised they allow you to work with a pole (unsecured) that if fell any of three directions could put people powerlines within 88’ of you in danger.

How much hard cash does a crazy job like that bring with it? If that’s too personal…don’t answer, just curious.

The client (another window cleaner) agreed to sub-contract me at £500 per day for my skills.
Superior, the safety systems are there, I have been doing this for two years and would not have accepted the job if there was no back up, I did not want to be left with egg on my face. The pic was just to demonstrate that it could and was done by one man un assisted ( whole two day job was above 40ft average about 65). I am not saying that anyone can do it, just showing that the new technology is there, if you want it. ps I am 57.
By the way it has a design criteria for 100ft or maybe I mentioned that. Not there yet, but hey one day soon !
Its just a whole new ball game. But totally destroys heavy telescopic. Difficult to explain in words

Man that’s cool as hell. I must say that must be a little of a bitch to handle but still you show it can be done. One question I have is being able to see the glass. Being it’s so far up, did you have any issues with contact and seeing the end result quality? I have this image in my head of 3 men doing this, one working the pole, one holding a safety line and a third holding a set of binoculars directing you left or right.

Electric, so what safety systems are there?

I think it is awesome the level this technology has come to…and going.

I give you much credit !

Working at heights even with a pole jobsite conditions vary by each users skill level and the elements. Like all new technology checks and balances will be put in place to provide safe working conditions which also slow down the productivity level.

My client paid cash for or my knowledge, so how I work is what he paid to see. He was satisfied and his client has just signed the job off and he will now get paid,so a good result.

Sorry but I am not yet ready to explain how. (would you ?)
Maybe after I have reached 100ft, just to satisfy the doubters. My Health and Safety is in place.

If this is directed to me… how would I be able to explain how YOU worked an 88ft pole safely with one man??

I simply asked how you where able to provide a safe environment to THE PUBLIC, not yourself.

I asked this because if you had no way to ensure against equipment failure,wind gust or if personal tragedy (heart attack at 57??) happened causing your equipment to fall… where would it land?? Anywhere within 88ft. That’s who’s in danger on your work site?

So you dont need to answer but by not… I figure you had no way to protect others in case of an accidental failure.

New technology is great but you also need to take proper safety precautions.

I think you did not use a second man and work safely just to save yourself some money.

I see where your coming from.
Generally these poles do not need a second man up to say 60-70ft. But yes as I mentioned, I did have safety precautions in place and would supply a full Method and Risk Assessment statement to you as client or safety officer, as we had previously done on this particular job.

That is inspiring to know that a one to two person team can complete such a job. How did you overcome the the waters friction loss in the hose? And What pressure did you have to come up with to overcome the friction loss in height? I am just curious because I am not sure what size hose is on that particular type of water fed pole. the coefficient must be very high? Also what does a pole like that cost and can it be imported to th US?

If my conversion is correct that pole would cost about $2000 + shipping…

Maybe Jeff will jump in and let us know for sure.

According to the Emporium site a 64ft pole package is £780 and each 5ft9" section is £90 so… 88 - 64 = 24ft so that’s approx 4 extra No7 extn sections
so that’s £780 plus £360 = £1140 plus shipping or £13/ft
There is absolutely no reason why these new modular c/f poles will not reach 100ft plus… I just run out of height of buildings in my vicinity.:mad: