$9 24" gooseneck

Hey, i made a $12 two foot gooseneck using a $4 pipe and an extra angle adaptor that i had lying around.

turns out this pipe is euro thread on both sides and if i want different lenghts it’s as simple as buying the other lengths and then unscrewing the old one out and screwing the new one in. I put a dowel in the middle to give it more structural integrity.

i took the female section of the extra angle adaptor and replaced the male one with the female so the angle adaptor is now female/female

We have a job that has a 2 foot ledge for 20 of the panes and last time i had to climb to the top of a 32 foot ladder which i didn’t enjoy, i hope this time i can wfp them with this.


You can not beat the price! Also, it solve a legitimate problem for you.

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A guy on Facebook who looks just like you did the exact same thing for $3 less :smirk:

nuh uh

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These pipes snap easily at the threads

it was $1.78 if i have to use 3 to do the job it’s cheaper than the ladder rental and safer

Hey where did you find these threaded pic pipes? And how did it work out for you? I have a building with 24" ledges coming up and need to make something like this

lowes, they broke fairly easily