A better way to clean vinyl panes?

I know a lot of you guys are familiar with these windows. These are soft vinyl window panes. EZ Breeze to be exact. We’ve gotten several calls to clean these sunrooms after we did one for a customer. That first one sucked! Took forever! I’m looking for help in making the process faster/better.

There are four ‘panes’ that you must remove from each section. Like storm windows, they are often much more difficult to remove than they appear.

Once out they can be individually cleaned. A lot of people suggest Woolite or Murphy’s Oil to clean them. The process we used was Murphy’s Oil in a bucket. We took a wet microfiber cloth and cleaned the whole pane and frame. Then we took a dry microfiber cloth and buffed it dry. Needless to say it was incredibly time consuming not to mention we went through all the micro fiber cloths in the world!

While the customer was pleased with the result, we both were surprised by the amount of time it took. Now, obviously, if you want good results, sometimes you have to spend the time. That’s true. But I’m looking for a way to speed this process - even if it’s just little - without hurting my results. There’s got to be a better way than what we are doing and I’m betting some of you guys know it!