A/C Unit Cleaning - Add On

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to suggest A/C Unit cleaning as an add on, which has been a great up-sell for us. Each unit takes us a little less than an hour to clean, and we charge $99. It took me about a half hour to learn how to clean them. We always look at the A/C unit when we bid windows, and if we see dirt build up on the fins, tell the customer, or even take a picture and show it to them. We got set up for about $30 in parts, and our process for cleaning is extremely simple:

  1. Shut off power to unit where it connects to the wall (usually a lever or a removable plug)
  2. Remove all screws for the outer casing and remove casing
  3. Use voltage tester to ensure unit is properly powered off (I often skip this step)
  4. Brush visible dirt off fins
  5. Use pump sprayer to spray A/C cleaning solution on unit
  6. After 5 minutes, rinse A/C cleaning solution
  7. Put casing back on and turn power back on

We purchased a drill bit that fits the 2 sizes of hex screws used for A/C units in the US, a small nylon brush, and concentrated A/C cleaning solution from a local supplier for A/C technicians which costed about $20 total. I also use a cordless drill/driver, right angle drill bit (for hard to reach screws), voltage tester, and pump sprayer.

Obviously this isn’t a huge money maker, but it’s definitely increased our profitability. We make a great hourly rate on it, and it helps save the customer money on their heating bills. I’m no expert but would be happy to answer any questions if anyone has any, and would love to hear if others do this and have any thoughts on our process/pricing.

i can see that working on a packaged unit but what about split systems are you also handling cleaning those also? as its part of the system and requires cleaning.

Thinking " Outside the box " ! I like it. Never heard of that as an add on but a very obvious money maker that is a simple process and, it sounds like, a high profit margin. Thanks for sharing.

I personally would not do it because I am not a HVAC tech. If something happens, you are going to get blamed, and that stuff is expensive to replace/fix.


not only that the client is actually getting a bad deal for $99.

when in our area it’ll cost you between $65-150 for not just a cleaning of exterior unit but air handlers if it’s a split system but the techs also check the entire system.

if you’re just having a tech come out and they’re not doing the cleaning you’ll end up paying more

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