A few storefront questions

So I did some cold calling the other day (I really sucked at it, but I’ll get better at it hopefully) and someone said that they wanted an estimate done. So what would you charge for this

Another question. So I was thinking about traveling to every storefront that is within my city and just giving them an estimate and not even talking to them (just going after close and then hanging an estimate on the doorknob or something like that). I thought maybe this might be better so that they have 0 opportunity to say no to me directly and those who might say “we already have someone” can’t. What do you think about this approach?

I’m in Ohio.

Appreciate it!

The glass to the furthest right has 5 large panes and 5 small panes that are exactly like the glass under the sign. I believe there are 68 panes (including doors).

I’d be about 100 bucks or so.

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In and out?

yah…in/out I’d prob come in around $120. Depending on how dirty those garage bay windows are maybe a bit more.

Give him 3 pricing options.

  1. All glass in/out complete - lobby, upper, plus bays
  2. All glass in/out lobby area only w/uppers (not the bays)
  3. All glass in/out lobby area only wo/upper glass (not the bays)
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In and out you’re cleaning each of those windows for a dollar?

I would do just the outside for 150. Guessing it would take about 2.5 hours for one guy. That’s 60$ an hour. 2$ per little window, 3 for the big ground ones, and 4 for each of the skylights, comes to 160 ish so I would knock it down to 150. In and out I wouldn’t quite double it so maybe 250, 225 if they were sounding miserly.

I would not leave trash on their doorknobs. Get your self presentable looking, come up with a 30 second script, go in a bunch of places with an estimate already written on the back of your business card, and get used to hearing no a bunch lol. It will always be better to just go in and ask to speak to the manager about cleaning their windows.

“Hi my names (name) I run a local window cleaning company. I was working in the area and noticed your windows could use a cleaning. I can take care of them right now for you for about x$ if you’d like.”

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Just out of curiosity, but what state do you live in? Also, what if I did like a gift basket? Do you think there is any way of getting business from not talking to them directly while also getting an increase in conversions because of it or no? I am talking specifically about storefronts not commercial. Thanks!

Or just mail a bunch of postcards to either choice businesses or ones from a mailing list.

I’m in Florida. Why are you so worried about talking to them? You’re a salesman first, window cleaner second. Any monkey can learn to clean windows, it’s not rocket surgery. Selling the service is the hard part, but you have to at least be comfortable doing it, even if you aren’t the best salesman. I wouldn’t waste time or money on a gift basket. Not once have I walked into a place to talk to them and thought, you know what these randos would really appreciate a gift basket from me rather than listen to my 30 second pitch.

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No I am not worried. I am just wondering if there are other, better ways of doing it that lead to a higher conversion rate. I hear the conversion rate is like 1 or 2% for storefronts and that two methods for approaching storefronts are either calling or going in person. I am just curious about other ways of doing it that are more successful.

I mean you’re selling a luxury service to people who are probably hurting financially right now. It’s a hard sell on the best of days.

Personally I think a gift basket is hokey. But that’s just my opinion. Who knows maybe it will work. I think people want to see your face, they want to meet the person they’re paying for a service. Be polite, charismatic but not obnoxious. Act like you know they want your service. You cannot beat a handshake and a card for doing business.

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Yah those garage panes don’t look too big. Most storefronts I do about 3-4$ for ins/outs. 2.20ish for outsides only.

I don’t think this would be the case for many people, I let the results and word of mouth do the selling.

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2.5 hours?? Maybe 1.5 if it’s hot and you’re working slower

Idk one hour for the bays, that’s about a minute per window. Then an hour for the ladder work and big windows. Few minutes for final checks and clean up.

I didn’t factor those ones up top in there. I’d probably charge 4-5$ per if I have to bust out the ladder.

My prices should probably be a lil higher but I’m a newb and still finding my way. I try to price where I’m at about $50 a hr, but I gotta get faster so I can get that to 60-75$ atleast.