A full carbon fiber pole that will reach 3 rd floor for under 1 k (Nlite )

Is there content here? Just a broken image and no words from what I see.


Are you still mad at me because Mark made you cry on your birthday? Hahaha!

Looks like John

Was posting a pick of one of the new Unger Nlite models and his link died:

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wow, that’s unger’s 3rd whole redesign on water pole

I guess this is like there 4th. The nlite and carbontec sectional are in house designs, and the other 2 in between are excel poles rebranded. ( the 2 house brands ) were the best

Had a picture on the Nlite carbon base pole showing it would reach third story windows without any extentions. You can get it for under 1 K. This makes a great pole for residential and light commercial. We have a few left in stock.