A gift to my fellow Canucks

For mikep, paneless, crazycleaner, contrast, did I miss anyone?

I’ve recently started up another part-time business to do with web hosting for folks on a tight budget or those only wanting a site for a short period of time. I will be providing space for them in a sub-domain of my main (internet business) site.

I would like to offer a small bit of web space (for free) for my Canadian window cleaning friends to play around with. How do I mean “play around with?”

Have you ever thought of doing some niche marketing but wanted to keep it separate from your regular web site?

Have you ever thought of putting up some “off the wall” on-line flier?

Maybe you’ve wanted to experiment with an add-on business but don’t want to be bothered re-tooling your existing site.

If this sounds interesting to you, send me a PM.

Here’s you chance to get very creative.

Aren’t “gifts” supposed to be free?

[SIZE=“1”]Teasing you a little…[/SIZE]

I thought I made that clear. It’s free. Do with it what you will. Have fun with it. PM me if interested and I’ll set you up. :slight_smile:


Sorry, man. Missed that one. My apologies…