A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Here’s a pic of some obviously defective glass. When you are 11ft back you can still see this roller mark because the low-e coating reacted w/ the fabricating debris inside the IG.

That’s only thirty-two.

That’s what the picture is for Larry, so I don’t have to use the whole 1000! :stuck_out_tongue:

According to Paul West and Cliff Monroe, you’re not usually at a loss for words. :smiley:

Oh yes the Bobsy twins, Paul and Cliff. True friends right there! I took the picture w/ Cliff in mind actually. He tried to tell me once that things like this are in my head.

I hear that all the time.

(get it?)

Here’s a few more pics of low-e reactions to FD.

Can you get some pics of linda-t reactions to booze in ATL?

What and steal all your fun!:wink: