A shot of confidence!

I had two opportunities present themselves last week. One started when we cleaned a house that happened to be owned by the CFO of a local private school. She was very pleased with our prompt service, since her house was going on the market, and the “amazing job we did”. She sent me the contact info for the school’s facilities manager, who I toured the campus with on Wednesday. The campus has 900+ windows and he accepted my offer to clean them annually with some quarterly work along the way.

The second opportunity came when the manager of a new senior apartment complex called for a quote. She said she had called a competitor a few weeks ago and they haven’t shown up to provide the quote. She followed up twice and was put off until next week. I showed up the next day and provided a quote, which she accepted. The only down side to this one is they use a compliance company, but she said when I register then I will have access to their nine other properties in the city. The competitor who hasn’t shown for the quote was the only one registered in their system, which is why she called them to begin with.

These are very big opportunities!


I love reading stuff like this, great job man!


Thats great to hear!

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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

I soon as I read this , this tread came to mind

I read that before I called them. The CS rep was very hard to talk to, but she has sent me all the information I need to be compliant before I pay and it is $100, which gives me access to all 9 properties that the management company owns (not &100 per property). The property manager told me that if we do a good job then she will be sure to recommend us to the other properties. I’ve pissed away more money than that on far less. :joy:


Hey it’s definitely worth a shot. Hopefully you have a good experience with it. Best of luck!

I would pay it as well.
You can always change your mind.
These kind of companies are always wiggling their way into the middle of deals. Government contracting is filled with these ‘revenue tick’ it can be a nightmare sometimes.
It sounds like the lady you are working with is rooting for you…I’d give up $100 and put up with a little Complience Depot headache, just to see where it goes.
If it increases your cost, see if you can resubmit your bid. If you think you are going to have future work consider rolling the cost acrossed the bids of future work. Insurance coverage can be purchased to cover the length of the job, as well.
Sounds like anyone, who is considered for hire, has to go through the same process…probably won’t be a lot of competition…which means your bids can be higher to cover the hassle.

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Those are my thoughts as well. If the one competitor who is registered isn’t even showing up for a quote then it’s a good scenario to be the only other company registered. :metal:


I’m curious as to how’s it going with compliance depot ?

I haven’t got passed all the hurdles my insurance company is throwing at me for workmans comp yet. The latest fiasco is the underwriter refuses to write my policy for less than 1/3 off ground because my website says I do screens… so clearly I can’t take screens off a window two stories and above without using a ladder! It’s ridiculous!

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