A Thank You To Chris

I just wanted to thank Chris for not only creating another place for us to learn, debate and goof around, but for caring to do so.

Most of the BIG companies I know in this field could care less about the rest of us. Most are filled with ego and suspicion.

I communicate with Chris often and I have never known him to cast a shadow upon me or anyone else. He’s always very truthful and humble as to his success. He is also very helpful when it comes to business issues.

I realize that much of Chris’s success was due to the market and timing, but I also know that he was able to see what he needed to do, and most importantly, apply massive action.

I see him constantly looking for ways to grow and simplify what he has. I feel very humbled to have him ask of my opinion at times, knowing very well he has created a huge business and I and most of us are still on the bottom rung, in comparison.

Thanks Chris for your respect, encouragement and example of what any of us can achieve.

Wow ! Thanks man!

I agree! This has been a great help to me so far. I’ve learned so much and have put it into action. Its priceless! I want to soak in as much as possible. Thanks Chris!