A twitter story

Last week I was down at the mall looking around and I turned location on my phone twitter location. It basically lists out tweets in order from the closest person towards you. I noticed lots of the stores in the mall were tweeting out sales and specials they were having. I thought that was kinda neat, and it even prompted me to check a couple of them out. Im kinda nerdy and would check something like that out, im not sure many other people would… But it got me thinking location based advertising is coming pretty quickly.

Was there a lot of other people walking around logged onto Twitter?

I think it is kinda neat but it is only going to make it harder to
sell in the over advertised market we live.

More ads will not equal more sales… unless it is very targeted (like
the mall Tweets). The only question is if it is working.

No not at all, I was probably the only one… I just found it Intresting…

It is interesting and it is good you are always
looking for opportunities.

Facebook has pretty much become the #1 website
on the planet. I would love to utilize that powerful
resource better.

+1. Im just not hip on the whole facebook thing. I guess im going to have to take some time out and figure out how it can help the biz.

I find the whole concept creepy myself… I am actually thinking of de-google-izing myself so as not to have ALL my information in one place. I quit using twitter a year or so ago. It reminded me of the CB Radio of the internet with no conversation and just a bunch of people broadcasting stuff.

However, I do like getting text specials from certain stores. There’s a regional chain of truck stops/convenience stores here that will text out a coupon for a free cappuccino, coffee, Icee, 32oz soda, etc… It’s great to get those.

You aren’t the only one Chris, and I think it will get more popular, twitter is being used as a search engine more and more everyday.

At the mall closest to my house they do the same thing, I’ve gotten free food at the food court twice thanks to twitter.

If Kevin Rose had been there he would’ve been doing the same thing Chris…
I was watching a video of his about this not too long ago. I’d post it but I’m not at my computer.

Speaking of Kevin Rose… Are there going to be anymore WCRnations? those were really really good.

I kinda hear ya on that one, Google is crazy, for the most part I’m a fan but they know waaaaay to much.

My friend who owns a bee removal company posted a a link to my window cleaning website (not my facebook page) on his facebook wall. Someone who is in HIS network (who I did not know) saw his post, clicked it, then called me. I had no idea he even posted that link.
Thats one way, the same principal applies if you can get your customers to post your link on their facebook wall.

I would highly recommend anyone adding the drag to share a link feature to their window cleaning website.

Here is how it works: go to this page:

Streak Free Window Cleaning San Diego, CA | North San Diego County Window Washing | Residential

hover your mouse over the image of my price list, see how it gives you the option to drag it to a social media site (FB included)?

Here is a little more about how it works
Smart Facebook Marketing | Get on page one of Google

the plugin is called drag to share - extended.

I actually got the idea from this blog (one of my favorites, that Chris turned me on to)

Simple Productivity | Zen Habits


It would be nice to make it more intuitive, or somehow let people know about it really easily.

Doug - tweak your logo image to match your huge big Wordpress background, so it slides in seamlessly with the look of the page.

Just pick the background color of the top area, and make it the background of your logo image in Photoshop, and then play with it to keep readability high.

Just a thought while it dawned on me…

Agreed, I changed the text that displays when you hover over the image to say: “Want Free Screen Cleaning? -Drag this image to facebook logo.”


I’m having my logo redone right now, but now that I look at the header again with fresh eyes I really need to fix that even though it’ll be changing again soon. thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks Kev!

This is really cool…
some of the more pertinent stuff to this thread is @ about the 4:45 minute mark…

//youtu.be/- YouTube

If you don’t know who Kevin Rose is, he’s the guy who invented/owns digg.com