A video of me using the aztec screen cleaner

So as rare as hens teeth( and you will see a hen or two and a rooster) me making a video of using the Aztec screen cleaner for the first time. I really like the product and know already it will increase my revenue and save time. :smiley:
I didn’t know how to edit the video so its just raw footage and sorry, next time I make a video I will try not to mumble so much :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice video.

Like the mini farm as well. How about a giveaway on the hat? :grinning:

P.S. Jared didn’t tell you that you can use the Aztec to wash the mini horses, did he?


Hey Steve, I’m glad you like it. It always makes me nervous to watch videos because it’s like someone reviewing my child!

No, but I have used it frequently to wash my mop on a particularly nasty clean. When your mop is brown and covered in spider webs, the washer really goes to work!

And a few times, I’ve pulled one of the brushes out and clipped it into my ettore handle to get a wall full of cobwebs.


Sure, first time I try to be sarcastic, along comes Jared all serious. No funny pictures or nothing. Just good advice and solid tips and tricks.

This must be the Twilight Zone!


LOL i just bought that hat its an Acubra payed $160 for it lol


Sorry. Would you like pamphlet?



Interesting and useful tool. Hiwever it makes me relieved no one in the UK has screens fitted. We just buy fly spray :slight_smile:
or as Tommy Cooper said ‘My wife sprays flies with starch so they just glide back out of the window’.

Much love for the happy dog photobombing at 0:46!

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Bump. Yup. Just saw this. First time I’ve seen the face with this name. Great hat…Yikes! $160! Cute doggy entertainment…doggy needs a drink. Thanks for sharing. Not crazy about cleaning screens. If I get rich I may get one of those. WFP first. Thanks for sharing a slice of life. Nice Hat.