A video question about screens

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Thanks for the video, I have not seen those type sliding screens here in Auatin, Texas yet. Probably typical of that brand window?

We had these replacement windows put in a couple of years ago. After the video, i kept playing with the screen and realized it came out from the side. There are springs on the side. I might have been making this harder than what it really is.


Can you push the screen to the left or right to pop out of the track/channel. I have seen that type on slider windows (screen moving to the left or right) and you usually push up on the screen to pop out hidden in the u channel are a few spring clips. The u channels sometimes are tight to pop them back in. I am sure I have come by what you have shown in the video but has been sometime since I have cleaned them.

I love those type of screens. Unfortunately they are few and far between here. They are pressure fit screens. Basically they have two spring clips on one side and you push the screen towards them and pull or push the opposite side out. That is true whether they go to the side or to the top. I have a few that even push to the bottom and you then pull in the top of the screen to remove it.

A lot of the homes being built around here lately have the screens on the outside the windows slide. I just hate them when I do outside onlys. The 25-10yr old homes (around here) almost all have the screens on the inside of the window, the windows crank out. They can be a pain also when doing insides, people like to screw on venetian blinds that block in the top of the screen and you basically have to flex it out. When I went into business for myself, instead of bending them I would have a little screw driver to take off the crank handle.

For outside screens, sometimes they pop to the inside but most newer will pop to the outside I believe. So if I’m doing the insides, I’ll get them started, even drop them to the ground or lay them on a sub roof. But you have to watch, some screen you have to pop off a clip.

If I’m just doing outsides and I need to pop off screens that pop to the outsides… I used to use a screw driver but I’ve since found this tool many times better and safer for the screen.

Over all screens are pretty easy to deal with, just look for the side with a spring. Push on that frame then pick out the opposite side carefully and NOT in the middle of the screen but close to the corner or you could bend it.

You gotta love screens. I’ve seen them all, pins, clips, springs, channels, bending, bowing…ay yi yi

Had some vinyl windows where the fit was so tight the screens wouldn’t come out at all - yikes!!!

So the basic rule of thumb is all windows, screens and storms use some type of mechanism to keep them in place…either a pin, spring, or clip. Compress or depress the retainer type, and you can tear apart almost anything. It’s like a giant puzzle some days…

If you have a minute, take a video on how you remove the screens. I have one, and only one house with those type of screens and I don’t like it. Really easy house, but it takes a little longer without removing them. Maybe the next cleaning I’d know how to take them off :slight_smile:

I like those type because you can pop them with out going inside or opening the windows.

I’ve been doing this a long time and just when I think I’ve seen every type of window/screen I find a new one. Most newer houses in my area (Oklahoma) have clips at the top. These are very easy to remove. What I like to use to remove screens is a cotter pin remover. It is kind of a hook type of tool. The one I have is made by Craftsman it works great on suborn screens. You just slip the point of the hook in the corner and work it across. You might want to go to Ace Hardware or another local hardware store and buy a couple of the most common clips known as rams horn clips. Sometimes when you remove a screen with these type of clips the clip will come loose. Somehow when rams horn clips come loose from the screen they were attached to and hit mid air…they turn invisible and you will never see them again (maybe this is just me).

+1. Its not often I get lucky and get those screens. I find that most houses that are not in high end neighborhoods have those screens.


Another nice tool for removing screens and is very small is a paint can opener. You can get them free from most paint stores or hd.

You’re talking about this one I suppose. I always keep one of these handy.

Too much like a screw driver for me. I like the wedge to be wide and thin.