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I have just purchased www.glasssmartproducts.com And am going to visit with a web designer on Wednesday. The purpose of this web site is two fold. First it will integrate my social media sites. The Glass Smart Facebook Group, the YouTube Glass Smart Product Development site, the Glass Smart Blogspot, and the Glass Smart Instagram. Second it will reach out to everyone everywhere who owns glass or is contracted to maintain it. My main focus has always been to consult, but I must move into product sales in order to earn enough money to live on. So I will put consulting first. Discovering, developing, and selling products will come second. Although I will be focusing on the commercial market. Not the general public.

How will this site be for you? There will be much information on the different social media sites and other links installed on the website. This information can be “mined” and used on your own websites. You can even show some of the demo videos from the YouTube channel. Our customers MUST be educated. Especially about scratch sensitive glass. Also about unconventional window cleaning and the special products and technology like the Elevance Clean 1200 (which I have demonstrated on the Glass Smart Youtube Channel). The best way to educate is by demonstration, not with words. So I have put that in the palm of your hands. Your own personal cellphone!

This website will also have a box in the very center where you can ask questions that I will either answer myself or invite others to answer by email.

I do have a small favor to ask of everyone however. Please come to the Glass Smart YouTube Channel and subscribe. I need to increase my subscriber number so I can get more perks. Like a personal YouTube address. Here is the link.



Henry, I subscribed.

Thanks so much Malcolm I got some really great fun stuff coming out soon!

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Just subscribed

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Thanx a whole bunch Tod and a big welcome to this forum. It is the most dynamic and helpful source for us on the net!

Subscribed and spent a whole day reading your blog. Haha. Thanks! Looking forward to the new site.

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