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Hello! My name is Ray Rill, and I want full time with window cleaning in 1989, and got my “doing business as” and registering my business name @Awesome Window Cleaning" with the California Secretary of States’s office, and getting licenses and insurance,etc. I had a buddy back in 1981 who had a window cleaning business and I helped him part time for a few months, but in 1983 I started cleaning windows in midtown Sacramento as a “Bucket Bob” , but I had other jobs on the side, like playing guitar and harmonicas and singing Bob Dylan and late Sixties tunes on the street, and in coffee shops and bars, etc. I also washed dishes and did kitchen help in lots of restaurants, drove taxi for a few months, and worked at a printing shop off and on! Sometimes I tell people that I dropped out of college to be a rock star, but it wasn’t paying the rent, so I’ve been washing windows for thirty years! My website is AwesomeWindowCleaning.com where I have a Wordpress blog I learned how to do from Don Marsh the window cleaner from Florida, who Keith Kalfas says was the only window cleaner he could get the straight scoop from when he was starting his own window cleaning business! So I am currently studying and listening to Josh Latimer’s Quickk Talks podcasts, and his Growth and Vault, and I just bought a Gardiner 30 ft water fed pole and an Unger first stage water purification system from Detroit Sponge

Hey fellow window warriors!! I live in Colorado and am a full time window cleaner all year! I currently work for a small window cleaning company but one day strive to have my own. I have been cleaning for 5 years and am 29 years old. I have had fun perfecting my skills and working with different companies learning from many veterans on the basic to advanced ways to clean windows. WFP is my favorite part of window cleaning while cleaning greasy pizza restaurants is my least favorite. While im new to the WRC community, I have been posting window cleaning youtube videos to help others which i have posted links to below! With some becoming very popular.

I look forward to learning and helping others!

Hi My name is Maria. I have owned a window cleaning and pressure washing business in Las Vegas for 5 years now and watching this forum for 8 years. Have gotten some great tips on here and probably wouldn’t have the business I do without it. I wanted to introduce myself as I have a WashIt Pro(now Xero Pure) for sale. I purchased a Hydrocart with booster so no longer need it. It has a brand new RO filter just put in, all new DI housing and 1st stage filter housing almost brand new. I will let it go for $1000 if anyone is interested you can email me at turcopsllc@gmail.com Thanks Maria