Acid burn on glass

Hey guys
I did a job that requires removing hard water deposit. However the acid we used seems like it burn the glass. Anyway i can remove it? I have a makita buffer and a glass renu kit.

What do the Glass Renu people advise?


Is that “tin side etching?”

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There is an acid that guys use a lot in our industry. Tin side or no tin side HF is very destructive and deadly. But you need not take my word for it, Take a look at this article.

Just another warning. Hoping we all pay attention.


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I’m with Henry in finding out what the glass renu people say…after that tho, they cost roughly 600 give or take a few fingers.

Don’t ask.

I used One Restore on some severely stained windows a few years ago. It etched the windows and my Glass Renu did nothing. I believe the minerals sat on the glass so long it pretty much ruined the glass.

Did the One Restore remove the stains and leave an etch? What type of etch? Also did you just use the cerium pad of the GR or did you get into a two or three step procedure? The course pads are based on a silicon carbide abrasive. These are for grinding. The cerium is used for the final polish.

One Restore hardly put a dent in it after two treatments. I then went through the 3 step process with GR and basically I came out with an opaque piece of glass. When there is 800ppm well water spraying on a window for 15 years it’s pretty much a lost cause.

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You will need to grind it down until everything is gone. The only thing remaining should be a perfect very smooth and even opague white surface. Then use a cerium totally flat at about 3000 rpms. This will bring it back to full clarity. I know people that do this and have seen their videos. It is all done with water. Not dry. I want to learn myself. Bottom line a repair is possible with the right tools and technique.