ACME Thread Adapter from NLite

Anybody have any solutions?

i don’t get it!!??

I have a lot of solutions. Which one do you want?


I have an Unger NLite and I’d like to attached Acme Threaded tools to it. Are there adapter s for sale or have people made their own?

Are you saying that you want to put an nLite brush on a ACME threaded standard pole?

Have you tried the shop?


No, I’d like to put an attachment with ACME threads on my NLite pole.

Jared nailed it.

You need this adapter.

And if you need a tapered tip, you can attach this.

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Euro to acme thread adapter found in the shop WCR WFP parts. hope that helps they work great

Best post ever @JaredAI Lmao!!

Thank you that hit the funny bone!!