Actual Email from a Property Manager...advice

How should I respond to this email from a store manager that pointed me to a property manager?

I think thats great that they lead you to the right person, thank them and proceed in contacting the person if you want the gig

But what do I say? Has anyone been successful in doing that?

I had a buisness that did the same to me, i approached the right person and also tell them who you spoke to previously so they arent caught off guard, if the person is having a good day and you present yourself well, you will probably land it

Approach it by first thanking the person that gave you the information, then when you email the manager introduce yourself and the business, then refer to the person that directed you to them.

Eg Mr/Mrs manager/owner, my name is blarg of blargs window cleaning, I was told to contact you by (name of first contact and their location) to see if you had a current window cleaner or if you were happy with your current one?

And then your contact information, now remember don’t forget to follow up!

For example: Me and the wife Just bought a car yesterday; we had to wait for it to be fixed first and my wife hadn’t received a phone call on Tuesday when the guy said he’d call. Well, she called him back and apparently he had lost her number

This isn’t the only time: went to apply for an apartment, the guy that did my application was either fired/quit and when we called to get the move in date they didn’t even know the guy had left pending applications

Ok, here is the bad thing, I don’t have insurance and am not registered yet. Is this even worth it right now?

If you choose to respond, thank them for letting you know who to contact. Next I would ask if they could pass along their name and the best possible way for you to reach out to the owner/company that handles the maintenance on the property.

You could luck out and the owner of the building may have a lot of work available for you. Steady low rise commercial and storefront work is great to keep on the schedule, even when you’re busy and think about dropping them or pushing them off… DONT!

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They’re handing you the keys to the shop. Handle them professionally.


Worse they can say is no. Might as well contact the right person and land the job or better yet more properties!

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But no taxes/insurance?

Tell them that you are looking forward to providing service and you are looking forward to bidding ASAP. Then tell them that you are waiting for your business license and insurance. Then get those items. Licenses are usually 100% payment upfront, but insurance frequently have payment plans (at unpleasant interest, so save $ by paying them off soon).

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I hate to be the downer of the crew here but…

If you dont have insurance or license to operating a business they probably will not do business with you.

Get the items you need to operate correctly, before wasting time with larger company’s.

Always be upfront about your position.

As a side note: I want to say I dont recommended anyone to work without the proper documentation, but some times you have to do what you have to do….

Hit the mom and pop shops for now :wink: :wink:


I don’t see any reason why a person needs to work without insurance. Cost of a few jobs will get you Insurance to get started. Set it up monthly to get started.

If you’re going to cut corners and work around laws at the start of your business, I don’t see much of a future for you

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