Add-On lubricating doors and windows

I want to add lubricating doors and windows as an add-on service.
If you do this service now, how can I educate myself more on this?
What lubricant do you use Boeshield or other?
Where can someone learn how to lubricate the more complex doors like the 5 point pin locking?
What is a reasonable charge per crank out window? Door hinge and locking? Double hung?

Ed Kuvlesky
Best Choice Window Cleaning

Hi, ed.

I received two calls this week for this type of thing and am starting to research the thing now.

Will share what I learn

I use a spray can of white lithium grease (similar can to WD-40) after a good scrub w/ a stiff bristle brush (brass brush on some slider tracks).

I use white lithium grease. I get mine in a small tube almost like a mini caulking gun. I feel like I can get where I want with little to no clean up. I usually find in the gun shops next to the gun cleaner.