Add on post card when you greet the home owner

for years we have given a home owner a half sheet of paper listing the additional adds we do besides window cleaning when we greet them. introduction then here is a list of other addtional things we do. if you have any interest just check off what your interested in and we can give you a bid or more information when we do the insides. some things we do sun screens, roller shades, ceiling fan cleaning, mirrors, shower hard water stain removal, sliding door wheel replacement amd so on. we call it the gas money. average house has 5 to 7 ceiling fans $5 a fan $25 to $35. some adds up to hundreds in a day or thousands if they order product. this year were having a full color post card front and back with a pic of each item. hey if they dont know what you do they cant buy it.


good idea, a sheet the homeowner can look at is a good upsell

great idea. I’m going to start putting one together tonight.

I put my add ons on my biz card which i give to new customers. A sheet is a good idea too, maybe theyd look at that more than the biz card idk. Someone on this site a while back had the good idea of stating an add on on your answering machine. Thats worked for me too.

ive found they dont turn over business card that often and read all the small print. but when your there even if its just a half sheet with each add on you do and a description of what it is. its such a soft sell. and they see the quality work your doing they will ask questions which inturn become a sale much more often. i have found people would rather work with someone they are already working with than try and find some one new to deal with. plus no extra trips or phone calls to deal with your already there. time is money people. just 5 ceiling fan cleanings at $5 each per day is an extra$125 per week, $6500 per year. multiply that x’s a few add ons and that could be $15k to $30k extra per year. why try and sell an extra window clean to a new customer when you can up sell an existing customer onsite. we charge $15 per rescreen on window screensusually 4 to 6 per house that has it done. this stuff adds up real quick. how much are you spending to obtain a new client for a window clean vs upselling an existing client. we also do light bulb changes, air filter changes and even mattress flipping. most of our clientle is retiered so they dont want to climb a ladder EVER. and r willing to pay to have thing you and I take for granted. how many times have you had a housewife saying my husband has been telling me he’s been going to do that for a year now. hey for $x we can take care of it for you why were here


Thanks for this thread. Sometimes even the most obvious stuff needs to be pointed out. I’m going to start working on a add-on sheet tomorrow. Have it ready for next week’s customers and see what happens. I love easy money.

Hey Dexter,

Why dont you post up a pic of that sheet, so we can check it out. That is a good marketing strategy.


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im in cali right know ill try and figure it out when i get back home

I know this is a 6 year old post, but anybody doing an “Also-Do-Sheet” to leave with the customer while doing up an estimate for them to check off any extra’s they may find a need for? I’m going to look into producing something that is a quick short read for customers to pick out an add on or two or three.


It’s a good post to refresh, I think it will help generate some new ideas for the forum members to make some extra capital during the busy season with the right add-on service list!


We have a small postcard my wife printed on colored cardstock that we’ve been stuffing in doors. It lists our services on the back but until I saw this thread it hadn’t occurred to me that we could easily hand these to the homeowner when we show up for a job. It sounds as if it’s be easier to upsell that way. Thanks @garry for reviving this!


I’ve been trying to think of a great way to let people know about everything we could do…this is perfect!! Last week a window customer had us come back for a morning of add ons. She asked about everything we do. I told her several things we could add on, but I think a list to look at of all possible extras could have turned that into a bigger check.

I think I will modify the postcards that Anthony mentioned so that we have a more detailed list of everything we offer to give to each customer. Its an exciting Friday night of business brainstorming lol


Good thread. I’m going to try this out, thanks!

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So did you manage to put something together Garry?

Hah! You know, I got busy and didn’t follow up on it. Which I guess is a good thing?
I’ll have to restart that next week as the schedule is light.

Maybe even busier with it?

Just thought I would follow up on it… :wink:

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Did anyone implement this. Some how I missed this thread is will be giving it a try.

im Stil doing it and still cashing in. I just got a window replacement for a low e window $1680 the window cost me $280. on average i do about a $1,000 or a lot more in a week just in screens, another $1,000 or more a month replacing sliding glass door wheels, up selling ad ons is easier and faster than trying to acquire a new window wash.


that is good to know. I don’t know how this never came up during our chats. Is yours just a printed out checklist or is it pro designed and printed

This is interesting and also something I’ve wanted to figure out how to market towards already on site customers… especially during quotes

Gonna follow this thread closely for more ideas