Adding pesticide to cleaning solution!

I did an estimate today for a storefront and the lady told me that a fella had come in earlier, (won’t mention names here) and had given her an estimate. The store has 3 large windows 4x8, one transom, and one door. He told her he would clean all of the above, lube the doors, sweep sidewalk, knock down cobwebs and remove any wasp nests, all for $6.

The real kicker for me was he told her he “adds pesticide to his cleaning solution to keep the bugs away.”

The owner’s words were, “this all sounds to good to be true.” Me? I think it sounds insane!

Well I know that here if you are to apply any pesticides you have to get a Pesticide license from the state, … and be insured (wonder how you can pay for that charging $6). Still, … $6.00?? My minimum is $12 although I’ve done some really small jobs at $10. And that’s just for the windows, not sweeping and all that,…sheesh.

Yeah, same here on the pesticide license. I still can’t figure out why a person would put that mess in their cleaning solution, seems like it would leave a film on the windows. As for the $6 price, my minimum is $10 on storefronts but I would not do this set of windows for that even.

I’m gonna start putting perfume in my solution so it makes the windows smell pretty for the female home owners.

Lol! Let me know how that works for you!

I’m gonna start cutting my GG4 with a little chloroform, that way the customers will be a little looser with their pocketbooks.

I can only think of one thing that might ork as a decent insecticide, but I can’t imagine anyone really adds that to their solution. Then again, if he’s there every week knocking down bee hives and cobwebs…I guess he is like a walking, talking pesticide. More likely just a lowballer pest though in my opinion.

Pesticides soaking in through your pores does not sound like a great idea to me…

Usually, using a pesticide in a way that it is not printed on the label is against the law. Highly unlikely any pesticide has for use in cleaning windows on it’s label. If one person got sick…it’d be hell to deal with the aftermath…at least in Cali.

I had many of these same thoughts when I heard what this fella is up to, with the exception of the perfume and chloroform. lol I’m thinking this guy is desperate for a buck and has a hard lesson ahead of him.

In my state its illegal to Charge for Spraying any type of bug killer. FYI

I use it for myself to help me increase profit on regualar maintenance accounts.

The orginal Poster has a great post with a super idea, do check your state laws to find out of its legal in your state.

Do you actually add it to your cleaning solution?

I was going to add this years ago… mainly because lots of spiders make
me run to my truck to have a nice cry.

I never did it

I guess I could mix pheromones to my solution to make the clients horny.

and the girl next door

I saw a window cleaner who was quoting a house take a leak in their yard. I think he
was marking his territory. He better thank Jesus I did not have my Flip camcorder
back then… YouTube here I come.

No Way!