Adding Shower Door Restoration

Thinking of adding an additional revenue stream this winter? Check out the webinar below, Jeff Flint talks all about adding shower glass door restoration.

Mr. Hard water liquid is certainly the best for shower doors.

Good deal! Im actually preparing a shower door restoration postcard now :slight_smile:

Shower door restoration is a GREAT additional revenue stream during the winter time…

Heck its a great revenue stream year round!!!

Mr. Hardwater does work ok, keep your mind open to other processes.

Be careful taking on shower doors. I have come across some doors where the homeowner has used every grocery store acid wash (CLR, etc.) out there and they have etched the glass. They don’t tell us they have even tried pool acid on the door before we arrived. Then we come along and start using our favorite secret formula, it doesn’t work so we break out the nuclear option, CC550. It doesn’t work, or turns the glass white reacting with the cocktail of acid the homeowner has used. Then you have to break out the grinder and do a restoration. What we thought was going to be a quick 100 bucks has turned into an all day pain in the ^$$. Then the customer starts whispering about insurance and a new door…

There is money to be made in shower doors, just make sure we tread lightly and examine the door carefully. Not to be insulting, but if we don’t know what we are doing and are carrying around chemicals we have little experience with and we really don’t know how to use, but someone told you about it, get informed…unless you want a collection of doors at home to practice on

I will not touch shower glass for less than $225.
Nothing in this line of work starts at $100

We have never offered shower door restoration. For those that do this add on service how often do you sell it for an average of? If you service 10 home will you sell it or does is take more like 20-30 to consistently sell it? How often do you have to grind and polish?


Since I got this idea in my head about a month ago, I’ve been needing someone to say something like this.

BB should do the webinar lol

Also since I got the idea in my head about a month ago, I’ve been “pre-selling” SDR’s for the winter.

From my numbers, about 70% of the homes I service have glass shower doors. Out of that 70%, about 80% of them want to get in for a SDR.

[MENTION=5616]Jared[/MENTION] this % ^^^ is about right.

Chris just take your glassrenu with ya and you’ll be good…

Yep! I haven’t come across anything fixable that GlassRenu couldn’t handle yet, Including welding slag…

I’ve been considering adding this to the services I offer. Looking for a product that works well but isn’t so harsh to use.

There are a lot of great threads with the info your looking for. The search button works good.

There’s a lot of good to great product out there!

Can I get away with a polishing machine from my local hardware store?

Alan Karr
Window Kare

depends on what they have. Random Orbitals (or “dual action”) buffers are kind of useless for this purpose. You want a rotary polisher. You probably won’t find one for under $100, and the really good ones like Makita run from $200-$300

Will this work?

Alan Karr
Window Kare

I think I will try the drill attachment first. Anybody try this method?

Alan Karr
Window Kare


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Both will work temporally…

but you will need to upgrade that polisher pretty quick the motor and the brushes inside will give out pretty quick. Get a Makita.

The drill will work but you will have less control then with a polisher, I have used a drill a lot in the past and it worked , but using a polisher is a lot easier in my opinion you can cover a lot more glass.

I will use the drill for the first couple of jobs. Will 1200 rpm be enough?

Alan Karr
Window Kare

it should be fine, just make sure you do the research on product and technique and practice before you work on a customers property,learn what limits you and your process has.

Good luck out there.