Adding to the fleet

Picked up 4 new trucks today for the fleet…

I hate car dealers!

That’s funny :)I just did the same but got nissan frontier

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] how much of a break did you get on buying 4 of them?

How many does that make total now?

That’s great! I am thinking about getting a golf cart and putting a ladder rack on it. Talk about save some money on gas!

So that’s 17 now?

Ill try to post my F250 once I get it!

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Sweet. Those trucks must be working well for ya.
I am on my second Tacoma and have been super happy with both. 1st had 75k with not one issue. My current has 158k and only replaced 1 wheel bearing. The brakes are amazing too. I had the fronts replaced and rotors turned at 75 and again at 150k. I thought for sure I would need rears and new rotors at 150K but rears are good for another 70 and front rotors were plenty good.

Hey Chris,
I noticed your new trucks are all single cab. Looks like you are moving forward with focusing more on building the commercial side of your business. Is that what you are doing?

Chad these will be for residential… But will eventually go to commercial.

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[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] what do you hate most about car dealers?

They just jerk you around every step of the process

Ok. Cool

We really like the Tacoma as well. Just had it lettered up. Will post a pic later


Hey George!

Looking good… Whats the name of that rack?

Looks good George. I like the boxes. Classy and functional.


Kargo Master with a System One Egg Shell Box.

Thanks Phil. We are happy with the choice.

Here some pics of the lettering done local.

Are we looking at 2 trucks? Power washing and gutter cleaning? Dedicated vehicles to specific services. Interesting. Looks good.