Advertising for new customers

Ads from door to door do work, the replies average about 1 for every 100 homes placed.
Over the years I have placed thousands of fliers, so they do work, but the real return is when you make the customer so happy they not only keep you but want to tell their friends, relatives and neighbors.
Every customer should want to not only keep your ad,business card ,or postcard in a safe place but want to get more cards to give to others.
I have even had some who went to their neighbors with the card in their hands while I was working for them.
Its true I go out of my way to make sure they get the finest job possible.
However, now I use postcards exclusively that look so good they comment on the beauty even if they just had windows cleaned by some other company and want to keep it for next time they want windows done.
Now I added doing blinds,shutters,light fixtures,mirrors,ceiling fans,shower glasses and you would be amazed at they response.
I admit I keep my business small, that is what I want for myself.

Welcome, and direct mail and referral are our biggest new customer gains.

Welcome Juniel.