Advertising for Pressure Washing

So I’m about to buy a pressure washer and start offering this service as an add-on. I’m really thinking seriously about a Predator from Harbor Freight.

PREDATOR 4400 PSI, 4.2 GPM, 13 HP (420cc) Commercial Duty Pressure Washer EPA

I’m curious though as to what you guys think about ways to market this new add-on. Do you guys typically market it as it’s own service or as an add-on? Do you use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Door Hangers, etc?

Currently we have a ton of success from Google Ads, they’re expensive but our ROI is in my opinion great, and most of our initial clients come from there. But I’m not sure if this avenue is as effective for Power Washing. What do you guys think? How do you guys generate the most income from Power Washing?

Thanks in advance everyone!

We just stopped offering power washing here in vegas , it didn’t work for us . We only do windows now and I feel less stress. Wish you the best though if you decide to offer it

Oh okay gotcha. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the reason you decided to stop offering power washing?

We had our power washer on a trailer , so it would just get a little complicated when we had multiple jobs to do and a Pw job also . We just needed to stream line our business and power washing was making it more complicated. But for you it might be different

Our business turned from 100% window cleaning to majority power washing over the last two years. If you can move fast, there is a ton of money to be made.

Google Ads is the way to go to get it started. Don’t try to set it up yourself unless you know what you’re doing. I recommend @Justin_Monk for Ads management.

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Where can I find him? I’m about to start running Google ads again

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His agency is definitely the best in the biz right now. There’s a ton of gurus trying to sell the same level of service at 3x the price, but I know from firsthand experience (remember, I used to do this too) that the hype doesn’t match the results.

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I have also heard good things about Justin Monk for ads management. We focus primarily on getting consistent work through social media platforms, but you do have to have a specific system in place to make this work, whereas google ads and SEO are typically a good first step and much easier. The caveat is that google ads are less consistent, making it difficult to scale unless your spending is tracked, you diversify, and you are able to track trends

I would suggest offer your services for an initial % off for the first couple hundred square feet. One offer that we are testing now is a percentage off of up to 2,000 squ. feet of home washed. Decks, pavers, and driveway are add-ons. This gives them a set starting price and offers a lot of value up front. Some people throw in a gutter cleaning into the price and call it a house wash+ gutter cleaning package for a set price. This set price is typically based off your minimum for 2,000 squ. feet.

You don’t price housewashing by square footage. If you don’t understand the trade, I suggest you refrain from counseling others especially for a fee.

Out of curiosity, how do you price pressure washing? I’ve always wondered about that, as I’d like to get into it in the future.

That’s an impossible question to answer. However, the only thing I have heard being priced by the footage is flatwork, and even then it depends on the material and what the issue is.

You absolutely can price house washing by the square foot , or linear foot why can’t you ?
The suggestion to offer a discount for first 2 hundred square feet is not a good idea though in my opinion. :smirk:

Is that how you price your housewashing? By the footage?

I’m at a point now that I can look at a house and see without knowing square foot , but it does help knowing the square footage. I’ll figure out a price that way and looking at it too. Bounce it around and then come up with a Quote for a final price.
I do measure mostly all my flat work an figure out a price by square footage.
Sometimes Zillow doesn’t have the square footage of the house , and I’m not wasting my time measuring. So if they have it up it helps . I’ll use google earth or go in person. Sometimes ask for pictures.

We all have the same amount of time in a day , and we all have what we need to make in a day to be profitable. . How you come up with your price is irrelevant. As long as your hitting your hourly mark . Using square foot is good way of pricing
A 2500 square foot house is a 2500 square foot house wherever you clean it. So it should take the same amount of time where ever it is. Give or take , depending on how bad it is. It could take a little longer if it’s more dirtier , or you have to jump up on roofs and what not.
Sometimes if you don’t go person you won’t see these things an it is what it is. So it takes a little longer. Either way pricing by the square foot will get you your price and just need to figure out what cents you want Per square to make you profitable and happy :sunglasses:

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In my area we have a lot of houses with multiple dormers and mix of brick and siding, many being three stories so going by the square footage is out of the question.

Just like saying you charge $10 per window, won’t fly here.

A couple examples, one is in the ‘high end’ neighborhood with lots of difficult angles, the other is a 120yo house with barely 5’ between neighbors and probably hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years.