Advice for Moving Markets

I started my window cleaning business last spring, I have since built a monthly route of about $500/month, have an airbnb I clean about 12-20 times a year, and I have grown to probably 20-40 regulars who clean spring and fall. First year I grossed about $12k part time, this year i’ll probably double or more. I have built my google reviews to be about 4 less than a company thats been around for decades. Feels like lot’s of momentum my way.


We are seriously considering moving about 4 hours away.

  1. This will make us debt/mortgage free in our early 30s
  2. It will allow us to have some acreage in the country (our dream for years) which we just can’t afford where we are.
  3. It will put us in a position to raise our kids rather than having to send to day care.
    4)It will give us opportunity to be less reliant on grocery stores considering skyrocketing food cost. We plan to grow perennial gardens, vegetable gardens, chickens, hunt and fish.

If we stay, things are ok now, but our mortgage will go up with interest rates, we will have daycare expense, we will have commuting expenses from having to work more to pay for other expenses- so in total it could cost us about an extra $30-50k to stay.

My plan for business is to come down monthly to do my route, and maybe for 2 weeks seasonally to service my regulars, all while trying to build my business in a new market, where quite frankly, there seems to be a lot more competition. The advantage is that we can live comfortable on considerably less money.

Looking for advice/input.

Thank you!

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That sounds really great. If your partner is down I would do it. I think likely you will end up abandoning the work that’s 4 hours away. Perhaps make some plans to sell it for a few bucks.

Refinance to a steady interest rate instead of an adjustable interest rate?

We have a fixed rate for the next 4 years but i imagine our payment will go up by a few hundred dollars once we have to renew.

unfortunately that’s usually the conundrum where things cost less, there’s less or little work to pay for the even the yet lower expenses, but it seems you can see your way thru it and you have to do what your driven to be/do. It might work for a year or until winter traveling for your work but that’s a long way to go for work. sure sounds like a nice lifestyle in the area you’re going to tho for sure

Move. Debt free is a joyous feeling.


Well, eventually it may be inconvenient but for now it will add a good chunk to our income, we have family a lot of immediate family to visit as well in the work area.

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Don’t move out to a more rural setting expecting to make much money window cleaning. It was one of my biggest mistakes.


We did the same thing you’re thinking of doing . We moved from LA to vegas , for 3 years I drove down 4 hours to do my monthly residential clients . Slept in my in-laws couch 2-3 nights a month , while I built my business here in vegas .

Do your market research where you want to move to .

And make sure you keep a good hunch of Money in your saving .


This is literally the situation. My in-laws are in my current market. I have about 20-30 regulars I could probably fit within 2 or 3 weeks in the spring and fall plus monthly route. I also have a family friend in my would be new market who is the regional manager for a franchise with probably 20 small store that would hire me. Worse case scenario in the new area I have to get a job-which would provide us with a very comfortable living as we would have minimal bills. It’s just hard to finally be a successful entrepreneur- my dream- and walk away. Still debating.

Where are you looking to move to?