Advice on stains, please

So, I’m still new to the game and learning everyday.

I came across some windows today that wouldn’t get clean. They had some stains on them from what I could only call sap.
Basically, the glass was covered with little droplets even after I used the washer and the squeegee. I rubbed them with my cloth and thy wouldn’t come off.

What would you use for that? I feel bad not having succeeded in making the windows spotless.

Other types of stains I wonder about:

I know now what hard water stains look like, having done my share of basement windows in suburbia where the sprinkler is king but what do you use to get them clean?

Lastly, grease stains on windows near the cook stove? How to?


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Sap? So where there trees nearby?

Quite possibly sap… detergent wont remove it… you’ll need to use a razor blade/steel wool.

Grease stains? You mean like above a outside BBQ? The fats and greases? As far as I know, you cant, it’s now solidified and embedded within the structure of the glass… material removal like polishing or replacement of the glazing is the answer.

Unless you mean like gungey greases?

Grease as on an indoor window above the stove.

I tried the razor blade scraper on the stains and they remained.
Btw those weren’t condensation stains between panes when the thermos is not sealed.

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None that would be clear enough.

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For sap like stuff, spray some simple green on it and let it soak. I should come off with a scrubby pad.

For grease, I just add a ton of soap to my mix.

Just keep in mind that you are charging for a regular cleaning , so if it doesn’t come off with the strip washer , an you try a quick scraping , an still doesn’t come off . Them this is what I do:
I have my ladder set up by the window that has the staining on it. I go to the customer , an bring it to there attention sometimes there like don’t worry about it right off the bat we understand . if there not them I say just stay here let me show you what we are dealing with here. I go out get up to the window wet it up scrap it scrub it whatever, an show them that it doesn’t come off with a regular clean. We can take it to the next level ,an try restoring it with a chemical treatment , but that will be a xtra.
If it’s just one window then i do the best I can with what I have to get it off an don’t charge. If we are talking 3 an up them your talking time an time is money.

I like that solution.
That’s what I did for hard water stains.
But what chemicals do you use?

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