Advise on bidding 3 story new contruction

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So, I got a call from a big time building company to put a bid together to have the windows cleaned in/out. I don’t want to just hand over a business card with a estimate on it. I plan to submit proof of insurance, “safety plan”, and the bid. Anything else I should submit? What is a written safety plan and what does it intail?

Also, Im curious what you guys would bid on this building. Here are a couple of illustrations of the building. Oh, and this is NEW construction. Stickers, silicone, the whole bit. After visiting the site, I figured close to 80-100 man hours.

The back side window count would be similar to the curved section of the front. But the first and second floor are the same size as the 3rd floor about 3ft x 5ft

Make sure that your bid contains a very precise Scope of Work and also try and get a Fabricating Deris Waiver Signed. I would also ask them for a scope of work and a copy of the contract they will expect you to sign. Many times there are surprises that come up like insurance isnt adequate enough or something like that.

Theres god money in these just learn to look out for you because the GC is going to look out for themselves.