Adwords lesson learned!

[FONT=times new roman]So, as with most everything in my life, I ran before I could walk with Google Adwords. I basically picked a bunch of keywords, picked and area and let it go.

Well, today, I found a little button on my “keywords” tab that said “see search terms”

Damn near wanted to kick myself when I saw that 70% of my clicks were going to crap keywords like “[COLOR=#000000]cleaning fabric blinds”, “adwords keyword tool”, “[/COLOR][/FONT][COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial][FONT=times new roman]fish window cleaning livingston nj review” etc.

Time to fix this and QUICK!

Adwords users, make sure you know where your money is going and above all, SET YOUR NEGATIVE KEYWORDS![/FONT]


So weird I was just gonna tell you your ad has been appearing a lot and in my email… For terms like “window cleaning supplies”

May want to narrow that term down a bit and save some bucks… drive a little more relevant traffic.

My advice is always the same when I hear someone say they opened an adwords account… “pause the campaigns right now.”

There are so many little things that can have a drastic effect on your ads/wallet.

Wow, it shouldn’t be showing up anywhere near your area, the cutoff is like 20 miles east and south of Vernon! I’m gonna have to check into that as well!

Luckily someone hooked me up with a great list of negative keywords, helps a LOT! I added some on, gonna have to share back to that person!

keeping up with what google likes and doesn’t like is more work than running my business

You aint kidding! Thats why I try to get everything running smooth this time of year, so I can forget about it til next winter.

Can you share that list with us?

I wish I could, but I was sworn to secrecy in return.

Was it Garrett from View Renew?