After 14 years I finally received a complaint

Today I had an inquiry for roof treatment.

The lady send a nasty little note, that she should just have crossed us off her list, because our phone number isn’t listed on our website. I politely informed her that it is in fact listed 9 times on the front page : /

Maybe I should just remove all text and just post a phone number.

That would wreck the SEO!

How could she miss that? Even if she didnt scroll down, its on the side of your van in the pic clear as day lol

You should have read Robinson-Solutions post,
[h=2]Do Window Cleaners Appeal To Mums?[/h]Guess she proved the article’s point that women want the phone number[SIZE=4][B] big[/B][/SIZE] and easy to find on the website.

You have only got one complaint in 14 years? Leaving out actual in the field operations right?

see were the opposite, over 14 complaints in 1 year…

I might get one every few years, but it’s rare. And I think that was a missed window or something similar. Funny thing was she emailed the complaint to my other company, and called my other one for the estimate. (Both on the front page of Google, so I got her anyway.

LOL, That’s freaking awesome!

I can’t make the same claim. I average a couple per year, maybe more than a couple. I’ve always just written it off (After doing my best to correct it of course) to that small % of people that like to complain. But maybe I’m wrong, or perhaps Spokane breeds mean people :slight_smile:

rollin into my second year no complaints as of yet.

We run into a lot of customers that have had a service done by someone else and would complain to us. The best thing to do is have a routine, make a bit of time to share a personal story or something with the customer and triple check everything before you leave.

Speaking of SEO, Google just announced it plans to adjust their ranking system to penalize[B] over optimized[/B] websites.
Earlier this year, Google had said it was totally OK to SEO Optimize your website. Now, in what appears to be a total about face, they plan to penalize over optimized websites, in an effort to deliver quality content to their users.
The message here appears to be, don’t spam your keywords by repeating them excessively.