Not that it matters per se, but How old is everybody here?

I’m 24

How about you guys/gals?

I’m 40 but I know Larry is older because w/ age comes llackzoisms.

sorry Larry I couldn’t help myself. I’m still young at heart.:smiley:

Age is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. ~ Satchel Paige

33 baby…

Just turned 24

45 on paper.
63 on feet.
16 in the heart
9 in the mind

37 here . Some days I feel like 17 some days I feel like 57 LOL.


28 but my two kids make it seem like 35-40. they get faster as I get slower. wheres my cane? can’t wait to drive around one of those fancy walkers or maybe even a lark! motorized baby. I wonder if you could do storefronts on one of those? little spot for the pole and drive?

31 here, but living in Florida and surfing for 20 years, the sun has me looking about 40

where in FL?

29 Here! Not looking forward to turning thirty in two months. That’s gonna be hard on me!

I am 23… There you go… Hope your happy.

29 here

32 here from UK, look older than I should as it rains a lot and water does do damage, thank god for wfp…we can work in most weathers as we are not rain shy window cleaners :smiley:

29 in Toronto, Canada

29 here in North Bay Canada

  1. I think that makes me the oldest of those that gave an answer… Especially the young pups from here in Ontario.

thats pretty young to be the oldest guy!

Triple Trees BABY!!!

33 years old physically.
I don’t look it, I don’t act it, but I definitely feel it.

If I would have know I was going to live this long I would have taken [I][B][SIZE=“2”]alot[/SIZE][/B][/I]better care of my body.

We had a [B][SIZE=“3”]HUGE[/SIZE][/B] blow out when I turned 25. Now one thought I would make it that long. Not even my mother. :cool: