Ahh training today

We usually dont do trainings this time of year but we are a little busier than expected so we have a fresh crop in today.

It’s nice now we have built wfp training right in on the first day before they get to used to the squeegee.

I swear you climb your ladders backwards

Good point, Dave. The ladder[I] is[/I] backwards.

I’ve seen other pics from ACWC and they were climbing them that way. No judgement just don’t get it.


also kinda looks like that kid at the corner of the house is reaching for the wires with his pole

Weeds out the weak ones!

Naa hes about 20 + feet away from the wires… We are extremely cautious about that and its a big part of the training.

As for the ladder backwards you most likely have seen that in training pics. We find its easier for new guys to [U]carry[/U] them like that @ first.

I have some older ladders where they work that way. The “front” piece stays on the ground and the “back” piece extends. I like them better because when coming down from the extension, you step down onto the bottom piece instead of stepping under bottom rung of the top piece to get to the bottom. I use dog collars to tie the pieces together so they don’t “come apart” or extend when you pick them up to move them