Air Cleaning?

I got this email about air duct cleaning, I read here and on face book about Dryer Vent cleaning …Does anyone here do air duct cleaning ? It looks like there into dryer vent cleaning also !

Chris / Alex maybe you guys should see if you can sell there product !

Here’s the web site …

The Revolutionary RamAir Duct Cleaning System



Hmm looks simple enough… Might be a good up sell

That’s amazing… my client just asked me about this today… First time ever

Not to put down duct cleaning systems such as the one listed above, but just to offer a different perspective…

I did air duct cleaning for several years as both a stand-alone service (while working for another company) and as part of disaster restoration services. We tried systems such as RotoBrush (very similar to the one in the original post) and found them to be less than effective.

Again, this is only my own opinion and I’m many who use these systems would disagree with me, but I believe that the only way to truly clean air ducts is to clean it under negative air pressure with systems such as Abatement Technologies, Air-Care, etc. There are several manufacturers of good air duct cleaning equipment, so the ones I mention are only 2 of many.

But here are main reasons I feel this way:

  1. A system such as RamAir may do ok for the flex lines that feed each vent but will do nothing for the main trunk lines that feed those flex lines. Too, flex comes in lengths of 25-feet and rance in diameter of 4-inches to 18-inches, the most used in residential being either 6-inch or 8-inch. Now on a short run, the 25-foot length may have been cut, so it may be shorter, but there will also be the occasional longer run where additional length was spliced into it. But a portable extractor and even a truck mounted unit will not typically produce enough air flow to adequately remove the debris dislodged by the whip/brush - especially on larger ducts or longer lengths.

  2. A system such as the RotoBrush (point-of-contact vacuum) will not have enough vacuum to remove all debris, especially larger or heavier pieces that are not as easily airborne. Too, the length of hose is (if I remember correctly) 25 feet. If you clean air ducts in a house that has ceiling vents, you use at least 8 of those feet just to reach the vent, leaving only 17 feet to work with. What if the flex line is 18 or more feet long? And again - you won’t even touch the trunk lines unless you can carry the unit into an attic or crawlspace.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people who make a living off using these systems and believe they do a great and valuable service. This is just my own opinion.

As for dryer vents, theses systems do a great job and cleaning dryer vents is definitely an important service to help prevent fire hazards. But it can be done just as effectively with much less expensive equipment.

Just some food for thought.

There’s a company in my area that is using the brush system. And they are charging 550 dollars for that first 10 openings and then 50 dollars each additional opening.

Yep. As of about a year ago (haven’t checked lately) the average around here was $30-$35 per vent and $50 per return. Then fogging (sanitizer or sealant) was an add-on.


Thanks for your input here, really appreciated !