Airport Traffic Towers

Hello WCR’s,
I have been looking through the vast amount of info on this site and decided that it was time to utilize this wonderful resource.

Anyways, I have a hand full of airport traffic control towers that I need to put a bid together. I have no experience with this type of structure and was wondering if anyone here has prior experience that they can share. Would like to incorporate your experience into my bid/quote. Was informed that each tower is approx. 300 sf-ft of glass.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, need to submit bid by tomorrow.


Jason how tall is that? And how did you get in contact with the decision maker?

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I service the one here in locally. You do have to jump through some paperwork hoops (getting a DUNS number, etc…).
There should be a hatch leading you up there along with a pretty good size parapet. It’s relatively safe, especially if you’re
afraid of heights. With that one I’d go $250-300 easy

Not exactly sure on the height, but taking a reference scale from the pick-up looks like 50 ft-ish. Have not seen them personally, just trying to get pic’s from the internet.

As far as the decision maker…I got lucky with this one, I advertised on some of the gov websites and got a call from a few of the janitorial companies. Submitted a bid to one company and they liked it that they referred me to their associates. :slight_smile:

Will be working as a sub to the main jan company.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, I was told that I will have to submit doc’s for a clearance badge, and that I will have access to the cat-walk. Service will be in/out’s, twice yearly, with the opp for a 5 yr contract.

Not friendly with heights though…

Hi Jason, that would be a really cool job to do. From the catwalk are you able to reach everything or do you still need ladder and pole? $300 for in and out or $300 in & $300 out? Good luck, hope you get it.

We clean one. If the inside has those pull down tint blinds; they may have to be dusted/squeegeed and is a two man job. One guy holds it tight at the bottom and the other guy squeegeed. They were dirtyer than the windows. OH, and its REAL TUFF to clean the outside in the wind. Have fun…:wink: Another thing… if its a government facility you will probably spend time having your vehicle searched before you enter the base. We asked the guy what the slow times of day are and scheduled accordingly.

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Thanks for the heads up on the blinds, i will call my contact to find out.

I did one here in Prescott, AZ for years. Not a bad gig, except for winter. The contract called for weekly in and out.
I don’t know what we charged for it because it was part of the janitorial contract, but doing 12 panes, each about 7 x 5
in and out took me 50 minutes from the time I parked, walked up 5 stories, cleaned the windows and
got back to the truck. They liked them done in the am, usually around 7 before it got busy.

Thanks everyone,
I submitted my bid and looks like its a go :).

I had a typo, the contract calls for bi-weekly cleans in/outs. Hoping to get the 5 towers done in one day…depends on our lovely traffic in SoCal.

Playing the waiting game now…takes approx. 3 wk’s to get a clearance badge.

We’ve been asked to submit a bid for an airport tower- 12 panes that are about 6x10. I figured I’d bump this post to see if anyone has any more recent input.

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