Alaco ladder for sale

I’ve got 2 6ft middle sections, 1 4ft middle, the bottom is 6ft and the top has a V tip. I think $450 is fair. If not make me an offer. Let me know if interested.
Text 3zero3 907 6555
Pictures upon request
I’m in Colorado

Sent you a text Benton.


Sent a text as well.

I can pick it up tomorrow Benton. :grinning:

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If they dont want it i sure do!

Thank you all for your interest. I was able to sell it a member of the ste and my community.


Haven’t seen you in a while Daniel!

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Hey Mike!

Yeah, after I went on a no-internet camping trip for two weeks and was deprived of my forum addiction, I realized it was a good time to re-balance my work/non-work life a bit. I think that spending so much time both cleaning windows, running the business, AND talking about window cleaning in my off-time was gonna lead to me getting burnt out eventually, which isn’t a good thing. So, I’ve been just focusing on getting the work done and then not thinking about work (as best as possible) for the remainder of the day.

I used the community page for the link to the store and happened to see the stack ladders for sale, so, of course, I couldn’t resist. Have been wanting a set of Alacos so bad!

Definitely miss all you guys though! Really enjoyed learning from and sharing with everyone. This is such a kind, positive and generous community. I’m really glad to be a part of it (even if I’m off the radar for now). :sunglasses:


You know where to find us if you need us! :wink:


That is great to hear :slight_smile: hope all is well and the business is doing good.

See you around!

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