Alaco ladder/ looking

What’s up window cleaners, looking for a top v groove ALACO section but will buy a whole set if your selling, or know of anyone who is!
I’m in Orange County California, but will pay for shipping if another state
Thanks in advance
Call or text


Keep on the search. They don’t come around often but you’ll find one. I was needing a bottom piece and after a couple years a member here sent me a lead and I was able to get half a set with the piece I needed. I’ll keep my eyes out too

Nice, That’s rad you were able to get what you needed. It would be awesome to have a complete set for sure.

Good looking out man

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When you see one jump on it quick , I was able to get a set that someone put out for sale on thanksgiving day . I was available and went to get them . Don’t think about it too much , someone else will get them before you


@GenaroGuzman Hey man, hope your staying busy, Cool thanksgiving gift right there!

First used Alaco’s back in 2008-Denver’s and stacks.(working for another company) I have had plenty of time to think about it. Would be sweet to own a complete set of my own :pray:t3:

Truth told…
(mind you, Im 4/6th my way thru a ‘6 pack’)

  • my memory is, Alaco are a lot heavier (relative) than the Metallic…
  • personally, we may not think twice about 3 pieces, but throw up 4 or 4.5 and…?

Anyone want to dispute this? Because Im not 100% sure, but I bet Im close.

Alaco sectionals are lighter than metallic. This is why they are sought after. 5 sections of alaco are as heavy as 4 sections of metallic.

Hmm… maybe I have shit reversed…

Still looking for a Alaco top V- groove section. If anyone has one for sale, laying around, or what not.

Contact me direct

Thanks! :facepunch:t3::call_me_hand:t3: