Alaco ladder

New year. New ladder.


Very cool where did you get it at? I have a partial set of Alaco sectionals that I’ve been trying to complete. I have everything but the bottom section

I purchased it directly from alaco ladder.
They are located in chino, California.
They don’t advertise it anywhere.
Alaco can custom build you any size ladder you want. It is a 5270-size you want.
I needed a section 4 of a Denver sectional but they discontinued all sectional ladders and parts.

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Price range? I’ve always envied the Britts and others for their pointed top extension ladders. Did not know there was anything like that available here in the States.

It depends on size of ladder you choose.
Price is about the same as metallics but shipping is more.

That’s interesting I’ve looked at their site many time but never thought to call for a custom order. So I’m guessing it’s around $900 for the one you ordered?

I paid $549 and then you have to pay freight

That’s not too bad really. Is yours a 20’ ladder from what I see? Do they have any height limits with the v grove top? I sure wish they made sectionals still.

The alaco sectionals were great. I wish I would have purchased more, when they were available. As far as I know, alaco ladder can make up to a 40ft ladder with a million plate and pointed top. The taller the ladder the wider the base. Personally, I would not exceed a 32ft ladder.

So is this the same as the old sectionals Alaco used to make? And just so I understand right, Alaco can custom build a new ladder if I wanted a 32-footer?

Yes, they can make any size ladder.
The 5270 are heavy duty only. They use u channel instead of c channel.

Awesome. Thanks

One last stupid question: With the new U channel design, does it allow the sections to come apart? I really like the old ones and their ability to pick as many or as few sections as needed

As an extension ladder the top section is removable. However alaco does state that the top ladder is not designed for sperate use

Sorry Samuel, looks like they aren’t sectionals in the traditional sense. Just extension ladders with pointed tops and flared feet.

Metallic is the only company currently making sectionals, and I fear it’s only a matter of time before those are discontinued, as well.

That kinda stinks. Is it crazy to fabricate one’s own sectional ladder?

I guess that would depend on your fabrication skills. I also think there’s probably some custom tooling involved in aluminum ladder construction. Like how do they connect the rung ends to the rectangular tubes? It’s almost like a giant rivet. There’s probably a special machine just for that part.

I’ve fantasized about a carbon fiber stack ladder, based on a similar construction method as custom bike frames. But that would be way, way outside my current skillset.

Then there’s the issue of not having an OSHA certification on anything home built. I could never let an employee use my custom built half piece, for example. So it would only be useful if you’re a solo operator.

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Liability is the killer of all good ideas

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