Alaco ladders

Does(or did) anybody own a set of alaco stack ladders? Are they worth the extra cheese? I hear theyre a good bit lighter than standard aluminum stack ladders,and are approved for up to 8 feet higher than standard ladders. Plus, they just look downright pretty:)

Alaco is officially out of the sectional ladder manufacturing business.

wow, for how long? guess if I want a set that bad ill have to see if colker or maybe racenstein has any surplus, or else buy them used. :frowning:

I would think twice about buying them. If you need parts or service or anything for that matter you wont have any one to turn to. We have a few sets of plain aluminum stacks and they work fine.

Does anyone have a 6’ mid section they would be willing to part with? I have 3 and 1/2 sections and there are times I need another few feet. I would love to be able to add to my set instead of laying out $800 for 4 1/2 Metallic sections.