Alaco sectional ladders for sale

Alaco sectional ladders for sale. A 6 foot base and a 4 foot base, 3 6-foot middles, 2 5-foot middles, 1 4-foot middle and 2 4-foot open tops. Also a stand-off. $1000.

I am in Ohio and I don’t want to ship these. I would be willing to drive part way to meet someone.


Sure, we could meet up in Rochester. :upside_down_face:

…But where’s the pointed top?

No pointed top, only open tops. I’d meet you in Rochester. You can email me directly at

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Still interested if you want to wrap and ship. A roll of saran wrap and separate them into two bundles if easier…I do not need the stand off. I will pay shipping.

SOLD ! Those stacks are goin back to california where they were born ! Thanks to David !!

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I want to say how professional David was with the whole thing. Thanks Dave, I should get the shipment on Monday.

Interested in one of those 4ft open tops, if selling

Sorry, I have looked for 15 years for used Alacos. I have one set I have used for 20 years. I’m Gettin up there in age and may have to have a couple employees so I need two sets.

That’s a good deal !!

I was looking for used set not constantly , but occasionally. Last year I open up Craigslist an couldn’t belive my eyes. A local guy selling 5 pieces all 5’ sections except for the head pieces for 800.
5 minutes from my house , he just listed it 15 minutes before I opened up Craigslist. He was astounded , he said I just put this up. I said I’m on my way.

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Woops $ 700. And they were brand new.

Great find :+1:t4:

Those are not Alaco’s those are made by the metallic ladder company. Alaco ladders are half the weight and double or triple the quality. They no longer make them but you can buy their quality extension ladders.

I’m a big fan of Alaco extension ladders. I recently bought a 16 and a 32ft. I’m liking them so far. They seem to complement the stack ladders. They both have pointed tips and million plates which are very helpful.

I was implying sectionals in general. I know what I bought was metallic, and I know what Alacos are.

After 3 years I have finally pieced together a complete set!! 2 half pieces, 2 middle and a top and bottom. Took a long time to finally find some.

My life is complete lol


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