Algae Growth in Facelift Tank

So I have a van mount 172 gallon RO/DI facelift tank. It’s been in the bed of a chevy 1500 outside. And it’s been getting warm, like in the 70s to 80s. I was just trying to use it yesterday, and before it started growing the algae the reds was 0. Now after the filters it’s at an 8. But I’ve I check the water in the tank that hasn’t gone through the DI the TDs is 145.

What do you guys do to prevent algae growth? And is there a way to drain this darn thing wit hmm out having to filter all of it through the DI tanks?

The light is what causes the growth. Can you cover it with a tarp or paint it black? I assume it sat along time for that to grow. You could disconnect the DI tank and just pump all the water out. Or use a wet vac to get it out.

the tank is black but it’s been in the weather outside… The little clue tube that shows you the water level started getting algae in it. I may have to just drain it to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks John!

If I put chlorine in the water to keep it from growing algae would that spot the glass?

Chlorine contains salt, so yes, it will spot.

If it were me, I would shock it with some chlorine, and then rinse the tank out once or twice with pure water. Then any residue should be so minute that spotting will not be an issue.

I just saw this. Thanks for the input! I appreciate the knowledgeable advice. :slight_smile: