All things Construction Cleanup- CCU

Starting this thread for all things construction clean up. Only post questions or information on this subject on this thread.

What’s required:
Most states require a contractors license to do a ccu. Here in California USA, you need one for any job over $499.
That’s probably why most people do it under a builder or contractor. In which case they subcontract to you. But that still is technically illegal.

What tools you might need:
Mop / Washer / Applicator/ etc.
Scraper 4 in and/or 6 in (I prefer 6 in)
Abbrasives: 0000 Steel Wool / Bronze Wool / Magic Eraser
Micro fiber rags / Surgical rags / Huck toweles / etc.
Shop vac or some type of wet dry vac
Scrapper of some kind / flat head screw driver / Puddy Knife / 3 in 1 or multi tool
Track Brush /Paint Brush / Small Pencil Brush /
Brush / CobWeb Duster
Chemicals : Goo Gone / Goof Off / Soap

How to get them:
new construction residential as well as commercial. If you see new buildings going up, or you see a commercial store or restaurant under construction whether an upgrade or a new store, ask to speak to owner or lead contractor.

Release from liability scratch waiver

To be updated.


Small pencil brush or something for corners or tracks is useful


I also use a 3 in 1 or multi tool puddy knife, I just updated it a bit more

Thanks for your post it is very informative.

Well put!

Wait…you said most states require a license to do CCU. Are you sure about that ? MOST ?

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Yeah, I doubt KY requires one. Heck, they don’t really even have WC licensing.

In Florida it is considered under janitorial services, not contractor services. If I needed a “contractors license” for anything over $499.00 that would be a large chunk of my jobs.
And, more and more it seems “California, USA” is just a suggestion - haven’t they seceded from the rest of the Country? :wink:


Yea- that’s why I wanted to point that out. Although it is well written I was concerned about the accuracy of the very first " Requirement " that he listed. I mean, that list is something that newbies might take to heart and then go out on a wild goose chase in their state searching for the license he referred to. Maybe it’s living in a state like California you just assume the rest of the union is under the same restrictions and regulations.