I am gonna go somewhere with this eventually.

How many here have allergies? How Bad?

do you know others who have them? do you hang out with them, see a doctor for them?

I got them kinda bad this season. I will most likely see a doc about them next year. It was quite miserable.

since you are the only one, we should do this via PM.

Funny, the other 75% of our readers will wnt to know why YOU have been cured. Don’t tellem.

Typically dry grass, dogwood, or floral issues. And I always say, “Doh!” after my wife or daughter has me smell a perfume sample they like in a store.

When I moved to this area a dozen years ago, I had some bad allergies – I believe it was the walnut blossoms.

When I was very young, I had allergies to many things – for a long while I’d get shots weekly.

Then again, there’s that reaction to them damn dinosaurs…

About 2 years ago I started thinking I had an incurable cold… turns out I just have to learn to be miserable with allergies. Did you say you could CURE me?! Can you make me good looking too?

all milk and its sub parts
all perfumes and colognes
a few others, those are the worst

Never had problems when I was younger but the last couple of years the spring bloom and fall harvest are runny nose time for me.


How many of you wake of all sneezy and coughing…

Hey Ed, you’re supposed to have a funny reaction after eating those. :wink:

As for me, I’ve been allergic to cats, ragweed, goldenrod, grass and most household cleaners. I’m happy to say that as I get older the symptoms are less severe.

I only wake up sneezing and coughing once or twice in each of the seasons I mentioned.

most people who wake like that are suffering from
dust allergens, typically dust mite and dust mite feces, change bedding more often, vacuum pillow/wash pillow (depends on what type it is of course)
other factors include why type of heating you have and if your house is too hot at night time.
Do you have carpets, how often are they cleaned, more than vacuuming etc

I have bad allergies. all the time no matter what time of year. till I found this sweet little thing called a “netty pot” they are awsome. Has stopped 95% of my sneezing and other stuff related to the sinuses. They are cheap and worth a try before the doctor. I think they run about $10-15 depending on where you get them.

Does this count as eventually?


I was doing some research about additional services (add ons) that CC’er do and have been investigating Mattress cleaning/sanitizing and anti-allergen cleaning.

The reports I have are endless about this stuff. So, I just wanted to see how many here have some type of reaction. Your post about dust mites was right on target with my findings.

However, on another forum (CC’ing) I kinda got my bubble busted.

If you are interested in my thoughts and findings, I will gladly engage in some dialog. But I found so few here responded, i kinda dropped it.

While I currently tout IAQ, my next Pro-Team bac pac vac will be a HEPA model.

C’mon Phil, share already! I’m interested to know what you found out.

I offer Carpet and Mattress Cleaning as well. I do not offer Mattress sanitizing.
Here is why, in order to do it 100% effective you need to remove it from house.

You do need the lights and a good low moisture spray with long lasting results. A heppa vac works and is good but a 3 stage vac like mine does the job as well. Or you can add in some water to the tank in your extractor and do that as well, though use a heppa mesh or combo filters.

Here, unless you have the big marketing budget and target an emense amount of people it would only be an add on service.

Any good links for this kind of work? And photo’s, I like things with more than 4 eyes :slight_smile:

Thanks Ed, I’ll go through 'em in the holidays!

You found my chamois!!