Aluminum or Fiberglass ladders

What are you using around the country and in Canada? We use all aluminum extension ladders and combination stepladders. I used fiberglass a couple of years ago. I hated it because of the weight.

Is anyone out there using wooden ladders? I guess the upside to wood would be the fact that it does not conduct the cold very well… or electricity.

We use strictly aluminum for reason you mentioned weight(talking extension ladders) for A -frame’s i have fiberglass…i prefer the sturdiness.

Of course…my Alaco “Denvers” are priceless!!

Aluminum all the way for me. The fiberglass just took it out of me by the end of the day. One of the first things I do when I get to a home is check around for hanging power lines. Then every time I move the ladder, I first check around for lines.

When if rented 32’ extensions they are always fiberglass. When I buy one this year I’m going w/ aluminum because of the weight.

Be sure to watch for electricity if you use aluminum! They are conductive.
Fiberglass are not conductive and are used extensively by electricians. Just a heads up.

I use fiberglass, just a heads up, if use use an aluminum ladder on the inside of a house, it will mark up the walls, be sure to have your ladder protectors on(also be sure they are clean) one other reason to use fiberglass, no need for ladder protectors.

We have ladder mitts on all our extension ladders and bonnets for our Denver’s.Although with the ladders riding on the ladder rack they do get dirty from pollutants and road grime so…we drape the top of our ext ladders with a towel which…solves the problem of scuffing up walls.

we do the same thing. Just throw huck towels over the ladder covers. It makes me crazy when I see marks on the wall near windows from the previous window cleaner.