Am i ready?

im so new im craping my pants :o

items iv brought

SPECTRUM di vessels 2 x 6 litre
12 litre virgin mix bed uger
fibergalss pole 30ft
30 metre clear pvc hose
16 litre back pack with three settings
water fed brush x1
25 litre clear plastic conatiners x 5
S Squeegee Grip.Stainless steel x2
Lightweight aluminium T-bar x 1 need smaller one as well
Unger Monsoon strip washer x 1 need a smaller one as well
Unger ErgoTec Ninja x 1
Unger liquid is a super concentrated glass cleaning 1.5 litre x1

so thats what i have i went over my mother in laws she has 156 tds and i have at mine is 256 so i was thinking i could get out probley 10 gallons at mine and probley 20 gallons of pure water if im lucky so what you think

So basically you have a WFP & some kind of filer along with some traditional equipment correct?

what you mean buddy filer ???

at the moment i have a wfp and traditional on relay small jobs. but im trying to set up a company i have the insurance and just going to get the web site next week.

for marketing im going knocking on doors etc and company’s showing my presentation etc to get customers.

i think that answers you question :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are ready… Get to it!

That was supposed to say " filter ".

i dont have any filters yet i was thinking about it as i live in a hard water area but i don’t know yet.

just scared or just very nerves as i might be thinking of quitting my job by the end of Wednesday as they haven’t paid me for two weeks and the company might be going into liquidation.

Sounds you may not have to quit. You may be laid off. Either case you need to jump in with both feet. It will make you feel great to be on your own. Go for it

Good luck! I wish you the best.

The only thing I would add is the RO system that you mentioned in another post about getting your tds down there are a few places over here that you can get them from at less than the £200 you mentioned. I have 550 ppm here in north norfolk (uk) and system runs out at 3ppm most of the time. Next bit for mew to buy is another 100gpd membrane kit to add inline to the existing and there is 1 supplier I have found that will do that for about £50. Give me a shout if you can’t find them

i found a surplyer of filters and ro buts way to expensive at the moment i havent been paid for two weeks and we been told only four will get paid this week so iv got to leave i need the money

[I]Necessity is the mother of Invention [/I]

We can do what seems like the impossible when we really have to. I think about the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island with barely more than the cloths on their backs… they [B][I]had[/I][/B] to hustle. If they didn’t give their all they were in big trouble. But look at how many of them overcame enormous odds to build businesses and thrive.

When I started my business, I felt that I [B][I]had[/I][/B] to as well. I graduated with a degree and no one was hiring. I spent 3 months applying to a couple hundred positions - re-wrote my resume for every job I applied for… nothing. A lot of the jobs had 500+ people applying for each position. Decided I had to [B]create my own job[/B].

Good luck to you Bladeliker! Don’t worry about the butterflies/nerves they will go away after you throw-up a couple of times :slight_smile:

thanks im going to do it iv set a date to all in September 3rd 2012 im just wondering now iv shaken off the nerves thanks to you guys and couples.
shall i go just knocking on doors or get some booked in that week. im so hyped right now woot woot :slight_smile:

Go & practice before you let yourself loose on someones private home. You have insurance? Drop your pole on someones car & you’ll be paying it off for the next year or two.

I would say that you are FAR more ready than many of us were when we first decided to go it alone.
I started with a modified Zensorflex Modular Fishing Pole LMAO, a 15 watt solar panel a battery and and an old school wagon, hauling water bought from wherever I could find it, I was in a foreign Country and didn’t even speak the language. It wasn’t easy but it kept me going, like someone else pointed out earlier it’s amazing what is possible if you stay focused and really want it.
You can do it!

[COLOR=#333333][INDENT]thanks im going to do it iv set a date to all in September 3rd 2012 im just wondering now iv shaken off the nerves thanks to you guys and couples.
shall i go just knocking on doors or get some booked in that week. im so hyped right now woot woot :)[/INDENT]

Like Karl said, practice on all your friends and family’s houses first. I used to clean my front window over and over for an hour every evening in the winter before I started up. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy.

Now, might be a good time to think about gutter cleaning depending where you live. Is west midlands referring to Texas?

If that’s the case, and you’re in a warm climate, window cleaning might be year round (lucky :)). Practice, practice, practice, get insured (probably looking at $50-$100 a month for $1 million of basic liability), get some fliers printed up and hit the streets.

A cheap way to print fliers is to design your flier 2 to a page and go to kinkos print a bunch up and have them “chop” the pile into two. Do black and white printing on a [I]fluorescent [/I][FONT=arial]green or blue so it stands out. Have some kind of offer on the flier - something to grab their attention and give the customer an indication of your prices. People want information.

Good Luck ![/FONT]

no i live in the UK but you guys from the states have been doing it for years and been so helpful with all your recommendations. iv had a quote for insurance but they want it straight up and i couldn’t afford that right now as its 220 pounds or 340 dollars that’s what worries me so far.
also at the moment gutter cleaning isnt my best option i hate heights big guys don’t go so well with ladders.
i have a bysan 30ft fibreglass its heavy as hell so im working that on Thursday this week. i have placed everything on a trolly system so i can be mobile.
im charging 12 pounds or 19 dollars for the first visit and 7 pounds or 13 dollars for a ten window 3 bedroom house just to get my name out and about.

You should be able to get £1 million basic liability insurance cheaper than that. I’m thinking about getting polar vak gutter cleaner as I have decided that I am not going up the ladders again after falling 2 weeks ago. looks like you have all the gear needed to not go up ladders anyway. not sure what your competitors are going to price like, but around here I go for about £1 per window and £2 for patio doors + a bit. customers seem to like it and other cleaners have said I price too high lol. not sure if you can contact me via this forum

Hey Your from the UK do you EVER use ladders?

nope not ever since i fell out of the tree and hit every dam branch on the way down.

heights im ok with, ladders and me they just don’t mixed

I’m also in England trying not to use ladders, ended up in hospital with my last fall. No point in putting yourself at risk.