Ambulance As Work Vehicle?

Hey Gang - first time poster long time lurker.

I’m finally getting in the game officially this spring and I’ve got a few options for my transport. Looking for some advice.

  1. I currently lease a Honda pilot and my lease is up in October. Instead of investing in a vehicle now I was considering a trailer to tow with this vehicle - I intend on offering window cleaning TRAD + WFP , pressure washing, and soft washing services. I’m looking at a cargo trailer between 3 - 5 k plus all the equipment for another 5-7k. I don’t love the trailer because of security reasons. Ladders can strap to roof rack on SUV. The vehicle is new, 2019, and I think branded with a branded trailer would be a slick little rig for the first year. This will also continue to double as my personal vehicle for kids - it has tons of room in the back as well.

  2. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2008 diesel Chev 3500 ambulance that’s been gutted and was going to be a camper conversiob my employer and I would get a great deal, and could also probably finance it to keep money invested in equipment initially. It’s high miles - 208000 - but mechanically sound.

Pros. It’s insulated, secure, solid AF, set up for solar, high GVWR, big towing capacity, could mount RO/DI system inside, would fit water tanks, bench seat for kids, and all other equipment easily - it’s cheap ish (10k) with handshake finance options that would free up capital for equipment.

Cons. It’s an ambulance. Is that weird? Even with a slick wrap - is this just a downright bad idea? I’m targeting high end demographic and I’m struggling with logistics vs. Overall aesthetics. High mileage and potential issues down the road.

Seems like it’s just plain overkill for the needs of a window cleaner.

Fair. I am also offering pressure washing and soft washing as well so will need a little extra. Also offering RO/DI pure water fed services.

I would pass. 200k miles is a lot and you’d be carrying pressure washing equipment. Also, there’s something funny about an ambulance being a work vehicle lol

One of my managers wanted to buy an ambulance, fix it up and use it as a WC/PW vehicle. Our shop, ironically, used to be an ambulance repair center.

I thought the townsfolk might have negative things to say about it, so I shot the idea down.