American Window Cleaner Magazine

I found one older post on the topic, but wanted to get some feedback. Is this magazine worth $45 for 6 issues? How many of you get it? Is it the only trade mag out there for us? I have never seen a copy of this magazine.

I enjoy AWC.

IWCA publishes The Professional Window Cleaner magazine.

There is also a UK-based Professional Window Cleaner Magazine.

I think this is posted in the wrong section…

I have enjoyed the AWC for several years now. There are some issues that seem more about advertising or Bird Barrier applications but hopefully those will be few and far between. I’m hoping they also get more info from sources other than G.M. to be a truly independent voice of window cleaning.

I’ve heard they’re always looking for article submissions and ideas. Have you ever submitted any?

Several. A couple of which were used. I recently talked to Norm about getting info from forums other than Gar’s and I think that may happen.
I said what I did to give the Doc a balanced idea of what he will get if he subscribes. I plan on resubscribing but there are issues I talk to Norm and Karen about when I think it will improve the end product.

I got the free issues for a year as an AUWC member.
Personally, I won’t pay the price they ask for a year’s subscription. I find very little in there that isn’t easily available albeit in text form from other sources.

I agree. I remember before the internet, I could hardly wait to get my hands on the next issue! Its different now. Internet has taken over. As the saying goes, “every business has its day”. (Hopefully thats not true for window cleaning).

Sorry Paul…I did the best I could do as far as finding the proper place to put this question

I never got a reply out of them - I’ve given up.

That’s funny. They told me that just because I was a new member of AUWC that it didn’t entitle me to a subscription. And they seemed confused that the AUWC would even tell people that.

Yikes! Maybe somebody sprung for me.

What I think happened is that the AUWC just had an understanding with AWC no contract, and when the AWC decided that they didn’t want to support that arrangement anymore, they just stopped. I could be dead wrong, but from what little bit I gathered that seemed the most likely to me.

Wow! I never got ANY. Didnt even know I had them comming for the membership.
I usually get mine at a local wc supply house for little stuff here in San Diego, they give them to me free. Good magazines. Seen Seth in it once, it was about fears or phobias or something…seen his pimped out watch on his wrist!:smiley:

Larry Still sent me a copy of one, which was very nice of him. Tony was in that one. The one thing that struck me about the mag is that there was a lot of ads. It seems like I read through it in about 15 minutes.