American Window Cleaner VOL. #1

I take it this is what you were referring too Chris,awhile back on another thread? Nice appreciate you posting this.I thoroughly enjoy stuff like this.

Yeah it is, I have every single issue. I had thought about selling them many times, but I just cant part with them. Well maybe if the price was right. But anyway they are just sitting in my office gathering dust. I thought some might be interested to see what the old issues look like. The first 10 or 15 issues were only about 8 pages and were more of like a news letter. Then they changed it to more of a real magazine format. Some of the old issues have really neat cover art work…

Yeah …know the feeling!Sometimes its just hard to part with “Old School” stuff of this nature;)

[COLOR=Blue]Is that from 1986? Chris, have you been in business that long, or did you acquire back issues somewhere?[/COLOR]

Hey Steve I was in 2nd grade in 1986 LOL … I bought all the issues right before the company sold or was taken over. I think they were his last copies… I cant remeber his name.

[COLOR=Blue] Second grade?? Wow, do I feel old… I was finishing six years in the Army in 1986.[/COLOR] :eek:

I’m feeling you Steve I was getting married in '86:eek:

With sites like yours Chris our industry has gone leaps and bounds from then.
How much is your collection worth? Hmmmm. Still thinking about selling?

Thanks Tim!

I have no idea what its worth… but if your interested PM me an offer.


I would love to buy any back issues. I had years 95 till 2003 I bet. Threw em all out about 5-10 years ago when I figured they where worthless!

That’s cool that you knew what you wanted to do in the 2nd grade.

I meant I bought them a few years ago… The mag started in 86 - I was probably in 4th grade then