American window cleaners, you're doing it all wrong!

Apparently, we all need to way less inventive. It’s making the less intelligent window cleaners uncomfortable.

Did you hear that @JaredAI… cut it out and go back to cleaning windows.

Seriously, though, I’m glad there is an intelligent place on the internet for window cleaners: WCR !

LOL as much as I love the Facebook groups we run… WCR Forum will always be home. I feel like we can have more serious in depth conversations here without all the noise.

So we are the Vinder Vashers if we are inventive. Nice.

I’m just sayin’ :

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” - Einstein (supposedly)

Instead of saying something “sucks”, a specific critique would be more valuable.

Oh, Facebook. It’s like taking the subway in NY - all sorts of crazies mixed in with nobel laureates. Take the good with the bad :slight_smile:

I’m not the one with a custom made holder for my pens labeled “Pens!”

Yeah, we’re always coming up with new inventions and techniques because sacrificing water sprites to the window spirits just doesn’t seem work anymore. The quality of american water sprites just isn’t what it used to be… and plus they’re now part of a union.

Erm, didn’t UK winder kleaners come up with the gutter vac and wfp? Or at least run with the idea and advance it due to working at height regulations…

So why is they bashing amerikans?

Maybe why i dont bother with uk forums? lol

[SIZE=4][B]Klean?!? [/B][/SIZE]:confused:

[MENTION=4338]CapeCodCleaner[/MENTION] How do you like Ubuntu? I have run Ubuntu several times and liked it. the killer for me is quickbooks so windows 8 it is for me.