An Easier Way to Clean Blinds?

I have several very dirty & greasy blinds that need cleaning. Can someone suggest an easy way to clean them. Thank you!

i forgot the blinds are made of wood

One consideration…what is the cost of replacement versus time/expense of cleaning?

Sometimes buying new is the way to go.

Simple Green will cut the grease. Spray on and wipe down the blinds.

I suggest wiping (not spraying) with merphy’s oil, or any other type of safe solution, if this is your first time. You can spray solution directly onto blinds, I do. But if you get it too wet or leave the moisture on too long, you may have wood expansion. Do not spray directly on string hole areas. Put towels below window and/or on sill for dust or moisture to land on.

There is no easy way to clean blinds. If I can’t use my backpack Vac to get them clean, I have to spray and wipe